One of the many important services offered by Savoy Studios is the provision of conceptual renderings of your idea. This really helps your client visualize the finished product.

With decades of experience in glass and other materials we are able to create designs that push the limits, while remaining practical and buildable. We are always mindful of how each project will be installed, its safety, and its durability over time.

• Hand Sketches
• Computer Rendering
• Samples


Developing ideas and innovations into workable shop drawings is one of our specialties. With years of experience in producing shop drawings we know what must be communicated in order to build a complex design. Whether the item is fabricated in our shop, or by another manufacturer halfway around the world, the best drawings bring the best results. We can provide 3D models of the project so the designer and client can view the piece from any and all angles. This helps eliminate guesswork and any unforeseen problems. This is all part of the development process and brings client, designer and Savoy together with a common vision for the final piece.


Savoy has an outstanding fabrication team that includes a wide variety of skills and talents. From metal, glass and woodworking, to painting, finishing and crating, our craftsmen are focused on providing the best products available today. Our in-house artists as well as our outside subcontractors all have years of experience working with all types of unique projects. We have established strategic partnerships with both artists and companies, here in the U.S. and also off-shore, to better supply our customers. Whether we are creating a one-of-a-kind feature or hundreds of fixtures, Savoy will deliver special expertise and care to each project. Our craftsmen put all their talents into each job, always aware that they are creating a high-quality piece that has to live up to our high Savoy standards.


Savoy offers unmatched expertise and care in the installation process. We can provide everything from an entire installation crew to a single supervisor to work with the local tradesmen on site. If we are not involved with the final installation we will provide a detailed “how to” booklet covering the piece to be installed. Many items, including chandeliers and ceilings and domes, are pre-assembled in the shop, giving us a clear picture of how to deal with the install issues. We will provide photographs along with our installation booklet whenever possible. We offer this service to all our customers worldwide.